The Phoenix

Seated among others
in the Kapiolani Park
early one evening
in the year 1967,
having been born
into materiality
August 16, 1934 CE,
I saw the phoenix
hovering beneath lazy,
low clouds offshore
and mutely watched it
occasionally maneuver
as the sun slowly set.
I saw it again later,
contoured by shadows
and Waikiki lights.
In a sudden smooth,
almost zoom lens
enlargement in size
the metallic phoenix
with large opaque,
sodium orange
rectangular windows
that emitted no light
approached very close,
soundlessly hovered
over nearby palm trees
in cloaking darkness
for less than a minute,
then silently departed.
I know not
where it came from,
nor did others seem to
perceive its presence.
Some looked askance
at me as I looked at it,
yet none but myself
overtly acknowledged
the off-world phoenix.
- A.T. Williams
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