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Introduction to the Online Verses

Each advance in the history of ideas stands at the apex of all previous ideas
until displaced by a subsequent advance.
- A.T. Williams


As humankind enters the first century of yet another new millennium, the solution of the holographic paradigm stands at the apex of foundational ideas and points directly to a new understanding of consciousness, physics, cosmology, being and existence.

Synthesizing and surpassing Eastern metaphysics and Western science the new physics described in these verses and in my online book Energy and Energetics reveals the fundamental, scientifically rational design of ultimate reality itself. The new model affirms that each individual is an autonomous transcendent entity, that the material universe is a reconstructed hologram within a hologram, and that synergistic nonmaterial (transcendent) and material holographic image events are objective, energetic physical mirrors in which the observed is a reflection of the observer.

These and other new ideas are presented through a montage of 126 verses designed to be read aloud with each word, each vowel, each consonant clearly enunciated in full, rounded tones. A reading at the cadence predetermined by the structure of each verse allows both reader and listener to move beyond the reasoning and analysis functions of the left brain while enhancing the intuition, spiritual awareness and holistic imaging of the right brain. These contemporary Western poetic verses thus convey some of the robust subjectivity found in Eastern Asia ideograms.



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