One Percent

Ninety-nine percent
of all transcendent
cognitive complexity
takes place within
the last one percent
of the holonomic umbrae
hewn by egoistic entities.
An incipient awareness
of inseparable ONEness
propels a reciprocally
emergent entity
into the unhewn
thought-wave matrix.
If an entity produces
or acknowledges
a second awareness,
the separation
from unconditioned
egoless ONEness
is doubled.
Acknowledging a third
emergent thought
focuses transcendent
autonomous mind
two-thirds of the way
to the savage reality
of amorphous egotism.
And a mere
one hundred thoughts
focuses holonomic mind
at the very brink
of the compound
cognitive complexity
produced in the last
one percent
of reciprocally
emergent umbrae,
ninety-nine percent
of the way
to experiential chaos.
- A.T. Williams
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