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Consciousness, Physics, and the Holographic Paradigm

Original Essays and Shadowless Poetry by Alan T. Williams


Later Insights:

* As humankind enters the 21st century, the diagnosis of attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) like Asperger Syndrome (AS) are treated as organic neurological anomalies that require medical and/or psychological treatment. Putting aside the conventional approach to various diagnoses, the symptomatology of ADD, ADHD, AS and ASDs can be seen as – and indeed are – the unexpected biological harbingers of advanced neurological capabilities in the software/wetware of the organic human brain.

* The pragmatic balance between liberty and equality may be the central issue of any democratic system; nonetheless, the American Constitutional republic is a unique form of democratic government by virtue of the fact that it establishes a robust equality of individual opportunity in all fields of endeavor as opposed to the traditional counterproductive economic equality ruled by a self-centered political elite.

* Human history unequivocally demonstrates that equal justice under the law trounces politically correct social justice over time.

* The problem with human beings is that each human being is a unique autonomous independent individual. Furthermore, each autonomous, independent nonmaterial human mind hosts a discrete, autonomous nonmaterial transcendent mind sometimes called soul.
   Individual freedom and personal freedom reinforce each other. Innovative contemporary technology can provide each human individual with virtually unlimited personal access to the world at large. Entire civilizations are renewed or replaced one individual at a time. Old fiefdoms fall. New fiefdoms rise. The most important fiefdom - and the most misunderstood - is individual freedom. Autonomous independent human individuals may honor and safeguard their individual freedom and contribute to the individual freedom of other autonomous independent human beings in this world regardless of their own physical circumstances.

* If human beings born on Earth fail to migrate and establish habitable colonies on other viable planets near selected distant stars, then humankind may not survive long enough to actualize the end result of their inherent biological ability to evolve in higher consciousness.

* Like autonomous individual freedom, an aspirational goal is an individual responsibility. Intentionally or unintentionally delegating either autonomous individual freedom or aspirational goals to an external source inevitably leads to some explicit level of uninvited tyranny.

* The correct answer to an old enigma:

Question:  Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Answer:  An egg with naturally modified gene sequences produced by the female of less than full-fledged chicken progenitors came first.

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