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Consciousness, Physics, and the Holographic Paradigm

Original Essays and Shadowless Poetry by Alan T. Williams



to give heed to.
to live together or in company with.
Consciousness, ontological:
Egoless ontological consciousness, uncreated absolute pure being, is the objective, pre-existing, all-pervasive, quantifiable underlying ground of unconditioned physical energy that contains and sustains all existence including itself. Imperturbable ontological consciousness is the "unnamed" of Lao-tzu.
Consciousness, phenomenological:
A transcendent continuum or spectrum of physical energy that may interface with our sub-light-speed spacetime continuum at the zitterbewegung, the trembling movement, of the zero point field. Phenomenological consciousness is an effect of conditional relativity. Conditionally relative phenomena are the "named" of Lao-tzu.
1. originating in or based on observation or experience. 2. relying on experience or observation alone, often without due regard for system or theory. 3. capable of being verified or disproved by observation or experience.
relating to, derived from, or providing experience: Empirical.
of or based on existence.
relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts.
an early form of holonomic. Hologramic theory is now known as holonomy. See further ShuffleBrain, The Quest of Hologramic Mind, 2nd edition.
the dynamic activity of an entire synergistic transcendent or material hologram. For example, the comprehensive totality of our synergistic holographic material universe is one complete sub-light-speed holomovement.
having the characteristics of a hologram.
the systematized knowledge of being and existence as an integrated whole.
the inevitable consequences of the universal law of cause and effect.
persistent egoless neurospiritual or transphenomenal attunement with egoless pure consciousness, unconditioned pure energy, uncreated absolute pure being.
literally, of or pertaining to the all-center. A designation applied to each center point in an area or field having multiple center points.
1. the partly lighted area surrounding the complete shadow of a body, as in an eclipse of the moon. 2. a partly lighted area around any area of full shadow.
pertaining to or resembling a penumbra; incompletely illuminated.
Penumbral Tension,
the state of incomplete illumination and strained vibratory relations that surround each umbra hewn by ego within the transcendent thought-wave matrix.
a state of strained relations.
Umbra ( pl. -rae),
1. shade; shadow. 2. in physics, a perfect or complete shadow in which no direct light is received from the source of illumination.
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