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Consciousness, Physics, and the Holographic Paradigm

Original Essays and Shadowless Poetry by Alan T. Williams


Early Insights:

* When you have a quiet moment, seek egolessness and remember that the human body and nervous system are merely the organic user interfaces that interpret holonomic materiality for a unique transcendent entity that emerges reciprocally within the pre-existing vital energy of uncreated absolute pure being.

* Egoless pure consciousness, unconditioned pure energy, is the pre-existing underlying ontological ground of uncreated absolute pure being that contains and sustains all existence including itself.

* Logical premises and mathematical vectors can be manipulated without regard to reality.

* Causes precede their effects absolutely in all frames of reference in time as well as space. Just so, time travel to a historical past and reversing the arrow of time are nothing more than mathematical or logical manipulation of vectors or premises with no basis in fact.

* Understanding the equivalence of ontological consciousness and energy will come first; the physics will come later.

* Each rock necessarily has the exobiological phenomenological consciousness of a rock:  If it did not, the energies it represents would appear elsewhere.

* Each human form necessarily has the endobiological phenomenological consciousness of a human form:  If it did not, the energies it represents would appear elsewhere.

* There exists only the imperturbable egoless underlying nonmaterial physical energy of unconditioned ontological consciousness, uncreated absolute pure being: All else is supervenient holonomic illusion.

* Residing only in memory, the past is gone forever and each of us in his or her own way is busily creating the future in the omnipresent transcendent and material now.

* As the 20th century ends, the material realm is acknowledged as the purview of scientific inquiry while the transcendent realm has been described primarily by myth and religion. Perhaps 21st century science will investigate the transcendent as well as the material.

* Phenomenological consciousness does indeed emerge within conditional relativity; however, all conditional relativity emerges within the underlying ontological continuum of unconditional pure consciousness that contains and sustains all existence including itself.

* Either the complex faster-than-light (superluminal) diffraction patterns of transcendent consciousness will be detected and quantized in our sub-light-speed (subluminal) material universe, or human beings are limited to merely deducing the existence of transcendent diffraction patterns by observing the effects they produce, then creating abstract models of them.

* The uncreated ground of absolute pure being creates nothing in or of itself; indeed, each reciprocally emergent transcendent entity that cohabits human form is his or her own autonomous solipsistic creator.

* Each and every path ascending the mountain of reality just-as-it-is harmoniously converges with all other paths at the summit.

* In the Holographic Paradigm, transcendent higher order conscious information devolves and lower order matter evolves.

* Ontological consciousness is a continuum or spectrum of physical energy, just as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is a continuum or spectrum of physical energy.

* Phenomenological consciousness represents only a limited portion of the underlying continuum of ontological consciousness, just as visible light represents only a limited portion of the underlying electromagnetic radiation (EMR) spectrum.

* Within the sub-light-speed spacetime continuum of our synergistic material universe, higher order information produced in the transcendent continuum of conscious energies devolves and directs both the organization and the evolution of lower order aggregations of energy called matter.

* Spontaneous self-organization is to the life sciences as perpetual motion machines are to physics.

* Putting anthropocentrism aside, it is well-known that humankind is not the measure of all things.

* As humankind enters the 21st century CE, the stalemate between the proponents of biological evolution and those of creation science suggests that neither theory is entirely correct, i.e., some presently unrecognized synergistic combination of transcendent creation and material evolution is undoubtedly more likely.

* On both the transcendent and the material planes of existence, each emergent individual is solipsistic and the tangible universe is synergistic.

* As a unique transcendent entity cohabiting a human body, seek egolessness and in each quiet moment remember that the human nervous system is merely the organic user interface that interprets the sub-light-speed holographic universe that emerges reciprocally within the pre-existing vital energy of uncreated absolute pure being.

* Transcendent and material conditional relativity are synergistic, and each autonomous individual is a solipsistic agent within them.

* Contrary to popular belief, the business of America is not business:  The business of America is Freedom.

* At what point does one suspend belief? And once accomplished, at what point does one suspend disbelief?

* There are no shortcuts to wisdom and there is no end to learning.

* "You can't predict the future, but you can invent it." - Dennis Gabor, inventor, 1971 Nobel Laureate in Physics.

* There exists only the imperturbable pre-existing underlying nonmaterial physical energy of unconditioned ontological consciousness, uncreated absolute pure being: All else is supervenient holonomic illusion.

* Neither humankind nor our holographic material universe is the measure of all things.

* The proper response to the question "To be or not to be" is "To not be" rather than the traditional "Not to be".

* The popular Many-Worlds Interpretation is simply an inverted infinite regress.

* Experience is acquired via immersion in the ocean of information; knowledge is the accumulation of useful experience; wisdom is the principled use of knowledge.

* The human mind/brain complex is a transphenomenal transceiver that interprets the phase and amplitude relationships of perceived energy patterns.

* Time is abstract, relative; an experiential illusion caused by the irreversible progressive iteration of dynamic holonomic image events in the omnipresent all-inclusive transcendent and material now.

* Individual human beings may run away from new models of phenomenal and ontological consciousness if they choose to, but humankind itself can't hide.

* As with space and time, consciousness per se is relative. Unlike either space or time, consciousness is a nonmaterial – but still physical – energy field.

* Some of my experiential wounds were self-inflicted; some weren't.

* Material apples and relativistic oranges both grow in holographic soil.

* Be extremely cautious when buying into someone else's emotional baggage, even if (or especially when) the price seems reasonable.

* A theory of everything (TOE) will necessarily be incomplete unless and until it includes the definitive physics of consciousness.

* Many things of apparently tremendous importance in the present are seen to be rather foolish in the eyes of history.

* Matter/mass is a physical state (the discrete aggregation) of nonmaterial primordial energy, and the phenomenon called space is simply the conspicuous obverse of the unseen nonmaterial primordial energy domain.

* Even with the aid of state-of-the-art technology it is easier for humankind to see the visible realm of light and matter than it is to observe the invisible realm or the fundamental processes of the nonmaterial primordial energy domain (NED).


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