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Consciousness, Physics, and the Holographic Paradigm

Original Essays and Shadowless Poetry by Alan T. Williams

Consciousness, Mind, Matter Diagram


The fundamental uncreated, unconditioned primordial foundation of nonmaterial and material physical reality just-as-it-is:

In contrast to the inherent limitations of the emergent nonmaterial, incorporeal epiphenomenon of the autonomous human mind (M*) produced by the organic human brain in our compound open, four-dimensional nonmaterial/material holonomic universe (3 extended dimensions + 1 time dimension), each autonomous, conditionally relative nonmaterial transcendent mind is extradimensional and may choose to participate in a continuum of multiple time dimensions.

Furthermore, in contrast to the inherent causality, cosmology, and a posteriori mechanical limitations of the matter argument developed over time from Aristotle to the present day, the combined novel physics of the universal principle of energy (TUPE) and The Energetic Holographic Paradigm (TEHP, pronounced "teep") provide a new a priori logical premise and an extradimensional 2-time, 8-dimension (8D) holographic model of cosmogony, respectively, that describe a 21st century understanding of causality within nonmaterial/material physical reality just-as-it-is.

The novel premise of 21st century physics, the recently discovered universal principle of nonmaterial primordial energy (TUPE), succinctly states:

Fundamental, irreducible primordial energy exists in the absence of matter,
but matter is entirely dependent upon nonmaterial primordial energy
and cannot exist in the absence of primordial energy.

The new a priori logical premise of the nonmaterial primordial energy domain (NED , nonmaterial apeiron) produces a novel 21st century cosmological argument. Moreover, the new a priori nonmaterial primordial energy (NPE) physics within the NED (nonmaterial apeiron) reveals a previously undiscovered continuum of nonmaterial transcendent consciousness which is the unseen, unexpected, demythologized First fundamental force (FFF) of physics.

A simplified cosmological argument describing the new nonmaterial, First fundamental force (FFF) logic:

  1. Matter/mass and the material universe exist.
  2. Matter/mass and the material universe are created by and within something antecedent.
  3. The antecedent primordial cause and the primordial source of matter/mass and the material universe are nonmaterial.
  4. The antecedent nonmaterial primordial cause produces an initial extradimensional nonmaterial chain of transcendent creative events within the antecedent nonmaterial primordial source.
  5. The initial extradimensional nonmaterial chain of transcendent creative events within the antecedent nonmaterial primordial source produces the derivative reciprocally emergent, omnipresent nonmaterial primordial energy domain (NED, apeiron) within which the conditionally relative matter/mass of our compound open, mechanically nonconservative nonmaterial/material holonomic universe is created, sustained, and maintained.
  6. Each all-inclusive, conditionally relative present moment of our derivative compound open (mechanically nonconservative) nonmaterial/material holonomic system is comprised of at least six extended dimensions and two synchronistic time dimensions ( 6 + 2 ; i.e., 6 + (t1 + t2 ; where t2 = 1 / t1 )).
  7. According to the combined novel physics of TUPE and TEHP, the entire process can be described by the new 21st century NPE physics.

More precisely:

  • Global transcendent, conditionally relative conscious activity is generated by innumerable autonomous nonmaterial, self-aware conscious entities that emerge reciprocally within the omnipresent fundamental, irreducible nonmaterial primordial energy of timeless unconditioned pure consciousness, uncreated absolute pure being.
  • Our reciprocally reconstructed nonmaterial/material holonomic universe, in turn, is generated on a local level of transcendent physical reality just-as-it-is by the activity of reciprocally emergent autonomous nonmaterial entities within the global omnipresent, pervasive, conditionally relative transcendent consciousness.

The line diagram below represents the simplified bare bones interactions.

The symbol, <==> , represents the continuum of nonmaterial primordial energy (NPE) activity each autonomous conditionally relative transcendent consciousness may experience within egoless uncreated, unconditioned pure consciousness just-as-is-is.

UPC <==> M^ & CR + TNED <==> M+ <==> CH <==> n/m P <==> M*

Conditionally relative nonmaterial First fundamental force interactions:

UPC = egoless unconditioned pure consciousness, i.e., uncreated absolute pure being, unconditioned nonmaterial primordial energy, the omnipresent irreducible ground of being. Egoless unconditioned pure consciousness, uncreated absolute pure being, is timeless and has no self-awareness.

M^ = innumerable autonomous egoless entities emerge reciprocally within unconditioned pure consciousness (1 / 1 = 1 = M^).

  • M^ = egoless oneness with unconditioned pure consciousness, i.e., egoless autonomous, reciprocally emergent nonmaterial consciousness (egoless self-awareness).

CR + TNED = conditionally relative existence and time begin at the very moment the individual egoless entity emerges reciprocally in the nonmaterial primordial energy domain (NED) within unconditioned pure consciousness.

M+ = reciprocally emergent, autonomous nonmaterial transcendent mind (1 / 1 + n = << 1 = M+, where n is the number of conditionally relative thoughts in discrete, autonomous nonmaterial transcendent mind.)

  • M+ = egoistic, autonomous nonmaterial holonomic mind.

CH = the cosmogenic hologram. In other words, the transcendent nonmaterial CH is the source or parent hologram where time t = 0 for our dependent reciprocally reconstructed holonomic nonmaterial/material universe. The CH is created by reciprocally emergent autonomous conscious activity on an undetermined transcendent level of conditionally relative physical reality just-as-it-is.

  • The transcendent CH source hologram produces the initial conditions (t = t1) of the 8-dimensional (8D) holonomic present moment (6 natural dimensions + 2 time dimensions) within our reciprocally reconstructed complex open (mechanically nonconservative) nonmaterial/material universe where time t = t2 = 1 / t1.

n/m P = the manifest 4-dimensional (3 + t2) phenomena of our reciprocally reconstructed complex open (mechanically nonconservative) nonmaterial/material universe within each 8-dimensional (8D) present moment ( 6 + 2 = 6 + (t1 + t2 ; where t2 = 1 / t1 )).

M* = the energetic autonomous nonmaterial human mind generated by the mind/brain nonmaterial/material interface of the organic human brain.

  • Holonomic nonmaterial human mind, M*, hosts a discrete, autonomous nonmaterial transcendent mind, M+, via a nonmaterial/nonmaterial interface (1 / M+ + n = << M+ M*, where n is the number of conditionally relative nonmaterial thoughts in discrete autonomous human mind).
  • The 180° phase shift (reciprocal inversion) between each level of reciprocally emergent conditional relativity acts as an impenetrable barrier that blocks conditionally relative phenomena on a lower level of holonomic activity from active participation in a higher level of existence.
  • Interestingly, the question of direct communication from higher levels of nonmaterial consciousness to reciprocally emergent lower levels of nonmaterial consciousness has yet to be determined.


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